Why install air conditioning at home?

The recent heatwaves experienced this summer showed the need to install a cooling solution in the home. With more heatwaves expected in the future, this will further increase the need. However, with energy saving at a premium, most air conditioning units also have a heating function, which is far more efficient that ordinary fan or oil heaters. Making an air con unit for a home, a valuable addition.


Inverter vs Non - Inverter

It's a common misconception that an 'inverter' system is one that heats as well as cools. But most systems offer both functions - so what's the difference between an inverter and non-inverter?

A non-inverter is a basic model which operates at a fixed speed, simply controlling temperature by switching on/off alternately. These are significantly cheaper to buy but consume up to 40% more electricity, because of this fluctuation.
Alternatively, a more sophisticated 'inverter' has a variable-speed compressor which constantly regulates to the desired temperature – a more economic method of operation and A-graded for energy-efficiency. Although costing more to buy, inverters offer a wise long-term investment.

The illustration to the right, will give you a much clearer differentiation between the two systems. The red line is a non-inverter unit and the grey line is an inverter unit.