Keep your employees productive

A well installed and maintained air conditioning system, is essential part of commercial life in South Africa. Employees need to be able to work in an environment that is comfortable, clean and safe. The system must also be cost-effective and efficient to maximise the value added to the organisation. 

Moya Air Conditioning can advise the best solution to do just that. From central units, to single split units and VRV systems. We have installed systems in a multitude of office environments that keep employees happy and productive.

We can also provide solutions for retail stores, providing the best shopping experience for customers and a pleasant working environment for staff to provide the very best of service. 

Inverter vs Non - Inverter air conditioning

It's a common misconception that an 'inverter' system is one that heats as well as cools. But most systems offer both functions - so what's the difference between an inverter and non-inverter?

A non-inverter is a basic model which operates at a fixed speed, simply controlling temperature by switching on/off alternately. These are significantly cheaper to buy but consume up to 40% more electricity, because of this fluctuation.
Alternatively, a more sophisticated 'inverter' has a variable-speed compressor which constantly regulates to the desired temperature – a more economic method of operation and A-graded for energy-efficiency. Although costing more to buy, inverters offer a wise long-term investment.

The illustration to the right, will give you a much clearer differentiation between the two systems. The red line is a non-inverter unit and the grey line is an inverter unit.